Live consultation

Shawlands Arcade

streets-UK is currently leading consultation and communications on proposals to regenerate Shawlands Arcade on the south side of Glasgow.

This is a high profile development, on a challenging site with an engaged and interested community.

The development approach is to create a phased scheme enabling the southern part of the Arcade to be demolished and replaced with street level retail units with 300 residential units above. The masterplan creates an attractive wider public realm on the main shopping street and a new publicly accessible landscaped internal square.

Covid restrictions meant that much of the engagement to date has had to be undertaken online. To avoid digital exclusion this has been supported by ensuring a maildrop to 4,000 local properties and that hard copy information is also available.

A project website ensures accurate information and a project Facebook page has enabled a wider audience to be targeted.

Consultation responses to date have been positive with 78% of consultees agreeing that the Arcade needs redevelopment thus giving a mandate for change and two-thirds of respondents being generally positive about the proposals.

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